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We’ve covered small businesses, large businesses and many residential homes. From Dentists, Pharmacist, food production to award winning bathrooms and kitchens you can rely on our team of Master Plumbers to delivery excellent customer service.

Your Local Plumber work off the values of being friendly, reliable and high quality Tradesmen.

With over 20 years experience, a Quality 2 Years Workmanship Guarantee on all jobs, and all fully qualified NZLTA tradesmen you can trust us.  On top of that we will match any comparative quote with our Best Price Guarantee.


Quality and Service Assurance

Your Local Plumber have developed a strict set of guidelines to ensure we deliver on our promise. We know that when you come home you want the job fixed to a good standard and the place tidy.

Our Promise

Our promise to you, here at Your Local Plumber, is to bring you the best in quality, reliability and efficiency.

Same Day/Next Day Service

How can we help you today with your water leaks?

Leak Detection: We have the technology to find any leak, even underground, under floors or behind walls. Your Local Plumber will be there on-time. 

Digger & Concrete Cutter Service Available

Water Main Bursts and Breaks

Water main bursts or breaks are an expected operational occurrence in the water supply business. They happen on a regular basis, wherever water is supplied. 

Water main bursts and breaks, to learn more click here.

Water Main Leaks and Breaks

Most people believe that old age is the primary contributor to iron water main leaks and breaks. However, the problem isn't age. It is corrosion. 

Water main leaks and breaks, to learn more click here.

Water Pipe Leak Detection

For expert plumbing leak detection and pipe repairs across Auckland, you can count on the satisfaction guaranteed service and pipe leak expertise you receive from Your Local Plumber.

Water pipe leak detection, to learn more click here.

Replacing Water Pipes

Copper pipes are the most commonly affected by bursts and leaks, and often on the hot pipes rather than the cold. If you continue to be affected by a burst pipe or leaky pipes, it would be advisable to consider replacing your pipes.

Replacing water pipes, to learn more click here.

Watermains Trenching & Drilling

Your Local Plumber have a 1.5 tonne digger so we can trench your watermain into the correct depth which is 300mm below the ground, this protects the pipe from accidental digging and keeps the water cool from heating up in summer. Watermains Trenching & Drilling, to learn more click here.

Burst Water Mains Emergency

We offer a fast same day response to fix your water leaks whether it is a burst water main pipe, or leaky tap, throughout the greater Auckland area.

Burst water mains emergency, to learn more click here.

*1.0 Leak must be more than 3 litres per minute
2.0 We must be able to get our trace wire down the water pipe
3.0 Water pipe must be 20mm or larger diameter
4.0 Times of service 6.00am - 11.00pm