Burst Water Mains and Water Leaks!

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We offer a fast same day response to fix your water leaks whether it is a burst water main pipe, or leaky tap, throughout the greater Auckland area. It could be water leaks in your toilet, bathroom, kitchen taps or any residential or commercial property. Your Local Plumber are experts in all burst pipes and leaky taps.

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Your water leaks can be quickly detected and fixed

For expert plumbing leak detection and pipe repairs across Auckland, you can count on the satisfaction guaranteed service and pipe leak expertise you receive from Your Local Plumber.  How we can help you today with your water leaks:

Leak Detection: We have the technology to find any leak, even underground, under floors or behind walls.  Your Local Plumber will be there on-time, 24 hours, 7 days. 

Pipe Repairs: If you have an issue with any of your pipes, we can perform a full professional repair.

Copper Repiping: If you are having issues with older pipes experiencing problems such as leaks, intermittent water pressure, or rusty-tasting or looking water then an upgrade of your home's pipes to modern standards can greatly improve your home's plumbing system.

Noisy Pipes: If you have noisy pipes that emit a 'shudder' when you turn them on and off, then Your Local Plumber can help solve your issue.

Water Pressure Issues: Your Local Plumber can help control or alter your home's water pressure to meet your needs.

Cost of Leak Detections

Leak detection - $180.00+GST
Cable trace and pipe locator - $220.00+GST

For all your leak detection and pipe repairs you can rely on our team of Master Plumbers to delivery excellent customer service. 

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