Has your pipe burst in the wall?

This is a very common occurrence, we are setup to undertake a emergency repair of this situation.
We are often called out a 10.00 at night to repair a pipe that has burst behind the vanity, kitchen, laundry.

Why does it happen?

The building code states that plastic waterpipes only  have to last 25 years, after this time the plastic has lost its ‘flexibility” or softness and has become a bit “harder” and more susceptible to splitting.

Installation Problems

Often the split of the pipe is where the pipe was kinked on installation or has been installed under a lot of tension.  Once the pipes in a house start to split it is wise to budget on repiping the entire house to remove the old pipe.

Repiping A House

This is a fairly major task and the cost can be anywhere from 2-8 thousand dollars depending on the size and access to the pipework.

The process is quite involved as a builder is required to remove large amounts of plasterboard, baths, showers etc. Once this is done we replace all the waterpipes, the builder then returns to reinstate the gib board and then the plasterer/painter finish the work.


Normally insurance does not cover any of this cost as it is deemed to be” fair wear and tear.”  The insurance company will pay however for the wet carpets or damaged goods that are damaged.
The term resultant damage  is used. What this means is that the insurer will pay for the damage caused by the leak but they won't pay to repair the leak or damage caused to repair the leak.  This means the owner has to pay the cost of repairing the leak and reinstating the plasterboard as well.

No More Cover

After the first instance of a burst water pipe, the insurance company will normally advise you that you are no longer covered for burst pipes.  The implications for the homeowner are to repipe the house.

What we can do?

We have repiped many houses from a simple bungalow to three storey townhouses.  Often bathrooms and kitchens can be repiped without causing major intrusion to the bathroom.

We have builders that we work with who will come in and replace all the plaster board, we will then organise the plasterer and painter to follow through and complete the works.

Time Frame

The time frame from start to finish for these projects are 3-4 weeks as there are a lot of trades to organise and owners usually take advantage of all the disruption to add in extra power points, upgrade a bathroom, repaint the house, redo carpets etc.

For all your leak detection and pipe repairs you can rely on our team of Master Plumbers to delivery excellent customer service.

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