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Replacing Watermains

Your Local Plumber are fully qualified plumbers, before we undertake leak detection we will look at the property first to determine if we should look for the leak first or just replace the watermain.

Galvanised Watermain

If you have a galvanised watermain this pipe is from the 1920’s and it will probably need to be replaced, it would be very unlikely that we would try and repair a pipe that is over 90 years old.  These pipes are usually very corroded and have corroded a lot internally so the household has poor water flow and bad tasting water.

Copper Watermain

These are normally easy to locate and able to repaired fairly well. 

Plastic Watermain

There are a lot of plastic watermains that are coming to the end of their useful life, a lot of early plastic watermains were made from a very hard polyethelene and this has made them susceptible to pinholing or splitting.  Often if this is the case we repair it the first time and advise to budget on a replacement watermain.

Common Questions

Why does my watermain split?

There are two main reasons why a water main splits after 20 years 


During the installation of the watermain it is important that the pipe wasn't kinked or bent to such an extent that a crease was left in the pipe.  After 25 years in the ground with vibration of the water running over this ridge, the movement of traffic, the expansion and contraction of the soil over the seasons, this movement over this tiny ridge creates enough movement that the pipe will split at this weak spot.

Backfill - Stones and rocks

When a watermain is trenched to the house if a stone is compacted against the water main and makes a little nick in the pipe this is enough to create a tiny wear mark and as above with the passing of time, traffic and seasons this is enough to cause the pipe to pin hole or split.

Do I repair or replace my watermain?

Often the tradesman on site will talk with you or the office will talk to you about the best option for your situation.
If you have an easy watermain to replace eg your water meter is 15 metres to your house and everything is easily accessible for less than $800.00 we can trench in a new watermain.  This can be cheaper than paying for locating the leak and then digging up and repairing.

Do you just locate the leak?

Yes we do, however we also have a full team on hand to repair or replace the watermain. We specialise in watermains, we locate, repair, replace, our team has all the specialised gear it takes to complete the entire operation.

Is a joint a weak spot?

Unfortunately any joint is a weak spot in a water main and the next leak is often in the same place.  It all depends on why the pipe leaked in the first place, was it because of  installation, ground movement, load from cars etc etc.

At the time you make the best decision you can to repair or to replace the pipe. In a perfect world you would replace the full length of watermain, alas this is often financially cost prohibitive 

Will it happen again?

Once a pipe is over 30 years and if it is of a certain type of pipe it will probably leak again.  If we find black alkathene watermains, you can be pretty sure that the pipe is at the end of its life and it will leak again.

Often when we go we can tell if it is the first time it has leaked  or not by the patches in the driveway.  If it is the second or third leak then you have to seriously consider replacing the watermain.

If you have issues with older pipes and are experiencing problems such as leaks, intermittent water pressure, or rusty-tasting or looking water then an upgrade of your home's pipes to modern standards can greatly improve your home's plumbing system.

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