Watermains Trenching & Drilling

Trenching Digger

Your Local Plumber have a 1.5 tonne digger so we can trench your watermain into the correct depth which is 300mm below the ground, this protects the pipe from accidental digging and keeps the water cool from heating up in summer.

The rates for hiring the digger and driver are $95.00+GST
The rate for hiring the truck and driver are $85.00+GST

This is a very effective combination and a lot of work can be done in a day. We prefer not to lend the equipment out unless you have experience at using this machinery.

Our operators are very skilled in difficult excavations and awkward areas. The small truck makes it perfect for delivery to tight sites where access is hard and there is not great off street parking for larger trucks.

Thrusting/Drilling Watermains

We can organise for a drilling rig to drill thrust watermains up to 200metres long.  This can be a very cost effective in certain circumstances.  There are some serious risks involved with drilling.  Normally when drilling it is because the property is a long way from the road and is down a shared driveway.

In shared driveways there are other services, gas, power, water, stormwater, sewer, telecom.  Whilst everyone does their best to locate these other services if they are hit during the process the homeowner bears the cost of fixing and reinstating the services. 

There is also the chance of hitting rock, if this happens and the machine can go no further then there is a minimum charge of $600.00 for the setup of the machine.  

There is another strategy to avoid hitting services which is that they thrust the watermain deep, about 1-1.2meters below ground, this means in the future if there are any problems the pipe is very deep and hard to access.

In some circumstances drilling watermains can be very successful but there are however many risks also associated.

Spoil Removal

We take away all excess spoil, concrete and dirt and we can reseed your lawn if needed.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Sometimes a tree or stump is right in the way of where the pipe needs to go, we can cut the tree down and organise for the stump to be ground out, we will then trench in the new watermain.

Trees and Water Leaks

Tree roots are amazing at what they can do to a watermain, they can twist and  bend the watermain into amazing shapes.  If the water leak is under a tree the best option is to divert the watermain around the tree.

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