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Your water leaks can be quickly detected and fixed

For expert plumbing leak detection and pipe repairs across Auckland, you can count on the satisfaction guaranteed service and pipe leak expertise you receive from Your Local Plumber.  

Same Day/Next Day Service

How we can help you today with your water leaks:

Leak Detection: We have the technology to find any leak, even underground, under floors or behind walls. Your Local Plumber will be there on-time. 

Pipe Locator

The biggest challenge with locating a water leak accurately is locating the pipe first.  If you have plastic pipes it is very hard to trace these lines as we can't  locate these pipes accurately and there is no’ Radio Frequency Bounce” of plastic pipes.  To be able to trace plastic pipes we have a specialised piece of equipment that allows us to put a trace down the plastic pipe and we can locate this trace wire.

Once we can trace the pipe we can then listen for the leak in the correct area.

If there is a shared driveway or a steep section or a very long watermain it can be very difficult to locate the source of the water leak.  Occasionally you can get lucky and you can find it with a bit of looking and trial and error.  If this does not work then we use our next piece of specialised gear which is the cable trace.  There is additional cost for this piece of equipment.

The cost of locating a leak accurately is well worth the cost as it can save hours and hour of a tradesman time digging in the wrong place.

The equipment we are relying on has the possibility of false positives as we rely on noise and frequency to locate the leak.  To qualify for the 100% guarantee you have to book in both the leak detection and the pipe trace location.

Cost of Leak Detections

Contact us for details.  Leak Detection works best in specific conditions*.  There is no guarantee that a specific approach will locate your leak, but we will always provide you with a solution to the leak.

For all your leak detection and pipe repairs you can rely on our team of Master Plumbers to delivery excellent customer service.

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*1.0 Leak must be more than 3 litres per minute
2.0 We must be able to get our trace wire down the water pipe
3.0 Water pipe must be 20mm or larger diameter
4.0 Times of service 6.00am - 11.00pm